We Keep it Simple

We're creating the company that we wish existed when we were kids!

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Video Game Design


Back Story

LCB got its start in September of 2015 when Adam Learing asked Shane Thomas, "What are we going to do today, Shane" and Shane responded "Same thing we do every day, Adam. Try to take over the world.".

While that isn't 100% correct, LCB did start in September 2015, but instead of world domination Adam and Shane set out to create a camp company that focused on teaching children more about technology. So, that is exactly what they did. With an idea and passion to make learning fun the first LCB camp came to life in Sioux Falls, SD. Fortunate enough the camp was a hit! Students LOVED building and creating their very own video games (some of those students are still attending camps today!). This is the part of the story where we skip a lot of the boring stuff and a large amount of time. Since 2015, LCB has continued to grow and now offers camps in over 40 locations and 15 states across the country. Beyond just video game design, LCB now offers camps in programming, drones, robots, YouTube, and Minecraft! As LCB continues to grow and interact with more and more inquisitive young minds, Adam and Shane have finally determined that taking over the world wasn't their best idea. However, helping the next generation of creators, and makers, well, that is something we can all agree on.

Our Promises


It's simple, safety is our #1 priority. Click here to see the processes we implement at each camp.


We promise that kids will not only learn at camp but will be sent home with resources to continue learning after camp ends.


We aim to not only teach your child something awesome with technology but also to leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

BEST Experience

We're okay with being weird. Every detail of camp is looked at to make sure when your child leaves they say to you that this was the "best time of my life!"