Does learning have to be boring? We think not. Our LCB online classes are geared not only to teach your children technology skills, but more importunately to engage them in what they are learning. When you love what your learning, learning stops being boring and quickly turns into excitement.

Benefits of LCB Classes

Engaging Subjects

All courses are built around technology and games that your children already engage with. Our trick from there is to use what your child is passionate about and teach them technology skills directly within. They don't even know they are learning. Don't tell them that though.

Online Safety

It's not a long shot to say that your children know more about the internet then you. As a parent that can be a scary thought. Instead of worrying where your children are playing and who they are playing with you can rest easy knowing that all LCB online teachers are background checked. Also, LCB online interactions are only available to class members and chats are continuously monitored to avoid online bullying.

Small Class Sizes

Learning a technology skills isn't easy. To be honest, it's actually difficult. To help avoid your child from getting frustrated and quitting because they "just don't get it", we keep our class sizes no bigger than 8 students to 1 instructor. This ratio helps ensure that your child gets the attention they need.


We believe that all kids regardless of their passion should have access to others who share in their passion. Unlike traditional groups like soccer teams, kids that are into technology didn't have a good way to interact. However with LCB Live classes each week students get to interact via webcam with other kids that love the same stuff they do. Friendships and bonds are definitely made throughout LCB Live classes.

Real Projects

Whether your child is building their own YouTube channel, video game, advanced Minecraft world, or website all children will actually build things. Our goal isn't to simply instruct, we believe the best way to learn is by doing. All classes do exactly that.