The robots are coming, the robots are coming! No, the robots are not taking over the world, but they are taking over the world of Minecraft. If your child is passionate about Minecraft and interested in learning more about how robots are programmed, then this is THE camp for them. Students will learn how to use drag-and-drop programming inside the game of Minecraft to make their Minecraft robots perform some crazy tasks. At the end of the camp, students will have programmed their robots to make their Minecraft life easier! This is a perfect starting point for students to learn the basics of computer programming. It is so much fun your child will not even know they are learning!
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We're not just playing here

Here's what your child will learn at camp

Your child will learn:
  • Drag-and-drop Computer programming
  • How to control robot turtles in Minecraft
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • How to work in a group to complete challenges in Minecraft

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We do not have any camps currently scheduled. However, check back soon as we are always adding new camp dates.
More than just a Camp

Camp + Benefits

12:1 Ratio

We guarantee a 12:1 student to teacher ratio.

Continuous Learning

Yes, we learn at camp, but students are also sent home with a ton of materials to keep learning at home.


It's simple, we don't skip on saftey. From CPR training and background checks, we work tirelessly to make sure your child is safe wtih us at camp.


It's not just our goal for your child to learn at camp with us, but to leave with memories that last well beyond their time at camp.

Camp Information

Ages Accepted

7 - 14 Years Old



Technology Used

Our primary technology in our Minecraft Programming Camp is the popular game Minecraft! Minecraft is a great educational tool in it's own right and it's even better with the help of the ComputerCraftEDU Minecraft mod. This mod adds computer programming aspects to the game of Minecraft through programmable turtle robots. It's a fun way to teach students computer science!

Tentative Camp Schedule

Busy days ahead!

This schedule is meant to be a guide and can change from location to location. If you would like more specific information on the schedule please give us a call at 605-310-6997.

8:45 AM Drop-Off
9:00 AM Camp Kickoff
9:30 AM Introduction to Robot Programming
10:00 AM Break Time: Perfect time to eat that snack you packed for your kid!
10:15 AM Turtle Robot Basics: Students will learn the basics of their turtle robots, then learn how to program their robots.
12:00 PM Lunch Time! Students will eat their lunch. Unless specified, students will be required to bring their own lunch
12:30 PM Robot Challenge Event: We have various challenges and events for students to compete and have lots of fun!
2:45 PM Multiplayer Minecraft: Students work in groups to play Minecraft in creative, survival, or adventure mode. Or they can continue to practice their command block skills!
3:30 PM Pick-Up! Each child will only be allowed to leave the camp with an in-room checkout from a parent/guardian/adult.


Questions and Answers

Do you allow age exceptions?

Learn Create Build isn't about strict age requirements. Every child can be at a different level and we don't want to exclude children from becoming part of a camp they want to attend. However, we do outline age guidelines on all of our camps. These are guidelines and not rules. If you are wondering if your child an handle a particular camp please contact us at to get a better idea of what to expect at camp. Also, on each camp page, there is a requirements section that describes what camp participants should be able to do independently. Use this as a guide to see if your child has the skills necessary to complete the tasks of the camp her or she is interested in.

Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

Unfortunately, at the time there is no financial aid or scholarship opportunities available through Learn Create Build. Depending on location and camp, we will occasionally have universities and nonprofit organizations offer scholarships to their local communities. If this is made available to us we will post these opportunities to our mailing list.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

You can learn more about our policy by checking out the cancellation/refund policy page here.

When is the last day to register for a camp?

Learn Create Build will allow students to join a camp up until the day before the start of a camp. However, waiting until the last day can be risky as most camps will fill up. If a camp is sold out, there is no guarantee more spots will be open.