#1 Priority

LCB is committed to the safety of every camper. Safety comes before anything else. Your trust in us isn't something we take for granted. To create a safe environment, LCB follows multiple safety protocols to ensure your child remains safe and has an unforgettable experience while at camp with us.

Safety Measures

Room Check-In

All students are required to be checked in and out of the room by an adult. Student's aren't allowed to leave the room without an adult.

CPR Certified

All teachers are camp are CPR and first aid certified.

Waiver Form

Students are required to provide emergency contact information, medications and any other special accommodations needed for camp.

Background Checks

Every LCB teacher has a thorough background check run prior to being hired.

All children created equal

LCB's goal is to inspire the next generation of creators, makers, and innovators. We welcome ALL children regardless of a learning or physical impairment. Every child at LCB is treated exactly the same and we make an effort to accommodate all children. If your child does have a special accommodation please just let us know on the waiver form after signing up so we can make any accommodations necessary. If you would like to discuss your child's ability to participate at camp, please feel free to call us at 605-231-5431.