Feeling a little lost? No worries! We have put together our most frequent questions we receive from parents just like you. Don't see what you are looking for? We are here for you! You can reach us right now by clicking on the chat window on the bottom right of the page or feel free to email us at hello@learncreatebuild.com.


100% yes, we take the online safety of your children VERY seriously. The majority of our online events are monitored by an adult, and we always keep close eyes on the interactions of the children to make sure that bullying isn't taking place.
Well...this is the 21st century and we have no problem with children bringing phones to camp. However, if the phone becomes a distraction during the camp, a Learn Create Build teacher may remove the phone until the end of camp. Children are also allowed to call parents during breaks or if an emergency situation does arise.
Since we aren't the UFC, we carry a ZERO tolerance policy for both physical and verbal violence. If a child is caught verbally or physically assaulting another child or teacher, a parent will immediately be called and the child will be asked to leave the camp.
We can honestly say we don't have much issue with difficult behavior. The kids are having so much fun at camp that they don’t have time to misbehave! However, it has happened on rare occasions. For children who misbehave, we will temporarily remove them from the room to discuss what they did and why that behavior isn't acceptable. Students also may be asked to temporarily sit to the side without technology while the class can continue with the learning. If problems continue, a Learn Create Build Camp Leader may decide to call a parent or guardian to pick up the child. Having to leave the camp early due to misbehavior will NOT result in a refund of any kind.
There is no transportation available to or from any camp location. Each student is responsible for drop-off and pick-up after each day of camp. Student's are not allowed to leave the camp without an adult and must be checked out in the room prior to being able to leave.
Learn Create Build utilizes two different types of teachers at each camp. Every camp has both a lead teacher and a technology teacher. The lead teacher is responsible for leading and conducting the majority of the class objectives. These individuals have backgrounds in teaching in a classroom setting and/or have gone through 10+ hours of instruction on the material. Our technology teachers are there to help to make sure the camps run without technology hiccups. Each of these instructors knows their way around a computer and have vast experience with the software used in the camp. All instructors at any camp have passed thorough background checks.
We don’t mess around with safety. Every student is required to be checked in and out by a parent or guardian. At the end of the camp, parents/guardians are required to check out the student from the room the camp is taken place at. Students are NOT ALLOWED to leave the room to meet parents at their car or outside location. For more information on child safety, please visit our Camper Safety page.


For all Learn Create Build camps, there are no prerequisites to attend the camp. Each camp can be taken in any order without having to worry about being behind other children who might have attended a previous camp with Learn Create Build.
Most of our camps run from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. If your child has a prior commitment that forces him or her to miss a portion of the day, Learn Create Build doesn't have a problem with that. If you know in advance that your child is going to miss a portion of the day, please let us know prior to the camp so we can discuss what material will be missed. At that time, we will be able to tell you whether missing certain portions of the camp will affect the camper’s overall camp experience to allow you to make the best decision for your child.

Learn Create Build isn't about strict age requirements. Every child can be at a different level and we don't want to exclude children from becoming part of a camp they want to attend. However, we do outline age guidelines on all of our camps. These are guidelines and not rules. If you are wondering if your child an handle a particular camp please contact us at hello@learncreatebuild.com to get a better idea of what to expect at camp. Also, on each camp page, there is a requirements section that describes what camp participants should be able to do independently. Use this as a guide to see if your child has the skills necessary to complete the tasks of the camp her or she is interested in.

Learn Create Build strives to provide a quality camp experience. To guarantee a better experience for every child at camp, we limit the number of students who can join us at camp. If the camp your child is interested in is sold out, you may join our waiting list by going to the location page and signing up for our newsletter. If we have a cancellation or student transfer to a future camp, we will email a notification to our email list. We DON'T have an inline waiting policy; in other words, all of our spots are sold on a first come first served basis. If possible, avoid the wait-list and sign up ASAP. Camps do fill up fast.
It’s important to us to provide a mix of both exploration and curriculum in each of our camps. We know our students don’t want to just sit and listen to an instructor for 6 hours during the camp. That’s boring, and we agree. Instead in each of our camps, we mix exploration and curriculum to get a perfect mix of both. Depending on the camp, each student will be introduced to various science, coding, and mathematical skills. Some of these learning objectives include drag-and-drop coding, structural design, circuitry, and programming. To see more specific learning objectives please visit the individual camp page.
The LCB Live trial gets you all the benefits of a paid membership. You can attend all events regardless if they are open or closed! Once the trial expires and if you haven't purchased a membership plan your account will only be able to access the open events.
We wanted to create a place for students who are interested in computer science and technology things to get together. Enter Learn Create Build. LCB has a simple goal of introducing technology to K-12 students. Currently, we offer both summer, weekend, and online camps. Our goal is to use technology in a fun way to teach student skills they can use in their future. To learn more about LCB, visit our about us page.
Well, that depends. Depending on the events you will need access to the software or game we will be using. The good news is we let you know exactly what technology you will need after you sign up for the event.
Learn Create Build will allow students to join a camp up until the day before the start of a camp. However, waiting until the last day can be risky as most camps will fill up. If a camp is sold out, there is no guarantee more spots will be open.


Depending on the camp, Learn Create Build will accept camp payments in installments. A camp balance must be paid in full prior to the start of any camp. Having a payable balance at the start of camp will forfeit your child's registration and we will not issue any refunds for partial payments made prior.
Need to change something on your order? No problem, you can change any detail after you sign up for a camp. To make changes to your registration which may include student transfer, birthday, shirt size, and/or computer rental please just email hello@learncreatebuild.com or call us at 605-231-5431 to make the change(s).
Yes, we do offer discounts for camps. Most of our discounts are available to returning customers only. However, if you follow Learn Create Build Academy on Facebook we will occasionally post discounts and other rebate opportunities.
Unfortunately, at the time there is no financial aid or scholarship opportunities available through Learn Create Build. Depending on location and camp, we will occasionally have universities and nonprofit organizations offer scholarships to their local communities. If this is made available to us we will post these opportunities to our mailing list.

Promotions and other discounts are definitely offered throughout the year. When do you ask? Well, that's our secret. To stay up to date on all our promotions make sure to subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Facebook!

Learn Create Build doesn't offer a discount for multiple kids, but congratulations on your beautiful kids.
We get this question a lot. For that reason, we have dedicated an entire page to answer it. To see our cancellation and refund policy, please visit this page.
We currently accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and check. Checks can be made out to Learn Create Build Academy and mailed to 2329 North Career Avenue Suite 202 Sioux Falls, SD 57107. If you are planning on sending a check you MUST include the location you are signing up for and a phone number you can be reached at. Please note that we cannot guarantee a spot until payment/check has been received.
It isn't a news flash to know that children get sick. Since we aren't doctors and don't want to have to make judgment calls on if your child was "sick enough" we have laid out a very black and white cancellation and refund policy. Please visit that page to learn more about how we handle those situations.
For more information on exact details on pricing, including what all comes with a purchase, please visit the individual camp page you are considering joining. Our main goal with pricing is to keep it as affordable as possible while still being able to keep the quality we expect. We understand that our prices aren't attainable for some families. To help aid in this, we attempt to work with local businesses and nonprofits to provide scholarship opportunities for students. If scholarships are available in your area we will communicate that to you directly.
You can learn more about our policy by checking out the cancellation/refund policy page here.

Tech League

Nope, you may purchase all the events individually or in any combination. One thing to remember though is that to get the FREE LCB Bundle bag you have to purchase all 4 events at once.
There are four physical camps that will be held throughout the school year. In addition to those camps, there will be online events for technology league participants to attend to gain more points for themselves and their city. These events will be sent out to the parents whose children have signed up.
Yes, with registration to any technology league event all the technology is included in the price. Also, all students will receive a t-shirt and one of a kind technology league button.
We only have the LCB Technology League available in select cities. We do still have some awesome camps available in other cities though.
Sorry, but only those that attend all 4 of our technology league camps will receive the bundle bag. Don't worry though, we still have some awesome prizes that we hand out at each camp.
No worries there. Students can attend as little as one event or all four events and still be part of the technology league. Also, as a bonus students are able to build up points for themselves and their city.


No, you don’t need to bring your own computer. If you prefer, computers may be rented from Learn Create Build for a fee. This rental, which can be specified during checkout, comes with a computer, software, mouse, and headphones. If you choose to rent a computer from Learn.Create.Build it will be set up and ready for your student when they arrive at the camp. Renting a computer is optional. You can bring your own computer to the camp. If you bring your own computer please see the computer requirements and software questions below. Computers that arrive at the camp and cannot run the required software will be attempted to be fixed, but cannot be guaranteed to function. A Learn Create Build employee will do what they can to fix the issues, but if the problem cannot be figured out in a short amount of time the student may have to partner with another student for the remainder of the camp. Learn Create Build will NOT offer refunds to students who computers don’t meet the requirements. If you have questions about if your computer will function during the camp, please reach out to us at hello@learncreatebuild.com.
For specifics on computer requirements, make sure to locate the technology requirements field on the camp page. This area will outline what requirements are needed for that specific camp. Also, for each of our camps, we offer a computer rental fee which will cover all the technical requirements needed for the day. This rental can be specified during the checkout process.
If for some reason you need to rent a computer after you have already signed up for the camp you can still do so prior than 3 days before the camp. Due to computers being pre-shipped to the camp we cannot accept computers rentals within that time. Only the computers that are needed are shipped, extra computers will not be available on the day of the camp. To rent a computer outside of 3 days please contact us at hello@learncreatebuild.com and we will send you further information on the process to renting a computer.
For the most part, yes a Mac will work for our camps. Make sure to check out the technical requirements section on the camp page to be sure. Also, it's a good idea to reach out to us just to make sure.