We are in the process of creating our new version of LCB Live classes. Because these classes make for great holiday or Christmas gifts, we wanted to allow parents and students to pre-order one of our upcoming classes. These pre-order certificates are fully transferable and refundable if you decide you would like a different class or need to cancel for any reason. The sooner you pre-order, the better discount you will receive on the online class. We only have a limited number of pre-order spots available as our new classes will be rolled out on a limited basis in the beginning.
  • Classes will be starting in January of 2019
  • Classes meet weekly with a instructor over a video conference
  • Classes are 8 weeks long
  • All classes have a final project so students can show off what they learned
We are launching with four different online classes:
  • Become a YouTuber - Students learn how record and edit videos while building their own YouTube channel
  • Become a Live Streamer - Students learn how to become a live streamer on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube gaming
  • Advanced Minecraft Commands - Students learn computer programming and game development by learning how to create and use command blocks in the game of Minecraft
  • Advanced Minecraft Redstone - Students learn how to build complex machines in Minecraft with Redstone
LCB will be offering two different styles of classes:
  • One-on-One Classes - Students learn individually with the instructor
  • Group Classes - Students learn in an online classroom of up to eight other students
When you purchase a pre-order class, you will receive a invoice receipt in your email. When the new classes become available, you will receive another email with a special coupon code you can use to get registered.

What does it cost?

When we launch will be offering our group classes for $249 and our one-on-one classes for $499. BLACK FRIDAY SALE: For Black Friday weekend we are offering 40% off the original online class price. This sale ends on November 25th at 11:59 PM.

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