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Camdyn has truly loved every single event, online class, and camp that you have put on and he has participated in. If we could afford it, he would choose to do every single camp you have lined up in Des Moines this school year! Thanks in large part to all the things you and your team have taught him, he was recently invited to join the Middle School Hyperstream group even though he is only in 5th grade. He's pretty darn excited! So, thank you for the part that you have played in that.

Camdyn's Mom - Des Moines, IA

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Common Questions

Are the online events safe?

100% yes, we take the online safety of your children VERY seriously. The majority of our online events are monitored by an adult, and we always keep close eyes on the interactions of the children to make sure that bullying isn't taking place.

What do I get with the free trial?

The LCB Live trial gets you all the benefits of a paid membership. You can attend all events regardless if they are open or closed! Once the trial expires and if you haven't purchased a membership plan your account will only be able to access the open events.

What software is required?

Well, that depends. Depending on the events you will need access to the software or game we will be using. The good news is we let you know exactly what technology you will need after you sign up for the event.