Clear Pricing, No Hidden Costs

$99per class

Every Class Includes:

  • 8:1 or less student to teacher ratio
  • Class progress reports
  • Access to recorded past classes
  • Membership to online community
  • 5 1.5 hour classes
  • Social interaction with peers
  • Industry expert teachers
  • Continuing learning materials
  • Adult monitored online interaction

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a session?

Since our sessions are live we understand that you might miss a session. No worries, when signing up you will get access to a special group where you'll be able to watch all the past sessions when you have time. Even as a bonus, you'll be able to ask questions if you get lost.

What happens after a class ends?

We want learning to continue even after our classes end. When you sign up for a class you will get access to the curriculum for the next year. Yep, all the videos, homework, help guides, and guidance is available to you free for the entire year after your class.

Do I have to have a bunch of expensive software?

No, you won't have to purchase a bunch of expensive software. While each class has its own software requirements the majority of software we use is free or very low cost. For the classes, we do ask that you have a computer and webcam to make sure you can participate to the fullest.

Are there any other costs added later?

Nope, the price that you see listed above is the price you pay for the entire 8 sessions. No hidden costs or fees here. Also, don't forget you get access to all course materials after the classes end as well.