Take a look at what kids are saying about their experiences at camp.

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My son loves the camps, and we look forward to the next one! Learning new things and meeting new friends!


My son had a great time at minecraft camp! We will definitely be signing him up for the next one. The camp was very well organized.


As always, my daughter had the best time. In fact, she said it was her best week out of her entire summer vacation. That says a lot! Keep up the great work. It's so cool to see my girl so into programming!


My son was disappointed that the camp was only 1 day- he would have gone every Saturday if it was an option. Enjoyed playing with his friends!


This was our 8 year old son's first time attending Minecraft camp and we were blown away by the experience. The friendly staff and teachers did a great job equipping our son with new skills and techniques that he was all too excited to share.


My children had such a wonderful time at the Minecraft camp. They both were very eager to attend. They learned a lot about minecraft! I was very impressed with how well the program was run--very organized and professional.


Grandson had a blast. He even wrote a thank you letter to his 2 leaders. First camp of any kind for him and was a fabulous experience


Both of my children absolutely loved this camp experience! They were engaged during all four days of camp and also learned to work with others. Thanks LCB!


This is our fourth Learn Create Build camp. With each camp, my boys come home even more excited. We will continue to attend day-camps during school breaks and summer camps offered by Learn Create Build as the camps are fun and educational. As a parent, I am thankful my boys are safe and cared for. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!


I love that my daughter gets to learn things that are considered more advanced. The earlier she starts to learn the easier it will be for her to look ahead and work toward that. Thank you for making it fun and easy for them to learn.


My 10 year old son thrived at this camp. He thinks he may want to become a video game designer as a career someday due to the confidence he gained at this camp.


While i had 2 boys range from 2 different ages 17&12 i think the camp did a great job with both of them. Thank you for your kindness and having their safety @ hand with check in & check out.


Great getaway for my son and gave me a bit of free time as well. He really enjoyed meeting new kids and learning the different things he can do with a few commands.


I'm glad that my child learned some great new technique in a safe and fun environment!


I appreciate these opportunities you are giving kids. There isn't anything like this that I have found in our area.


An amazing experience for my child. He hasn't stopped talking about it. We already can't wait for the next one!


Our son loved his first Minecraft camp! He was asking to come back again before we'd even left the parking lot.


My son can't wait for the next camp! He had so much fun and he's already starting to understand basic coding.


I could use a few tips on lowering my boys excitement from your class.He cant stop talking about it.


My daughters both loved the camp! My 10 yr old stated, "it was the best 6.5 hours of my life!"


My Son loves the class environment and the experience he gains. He has been attending all classes offered in Omaha, NE and he seems like he wish more classes can be offered. Since he started attending the LCB camps, I can see a remarkable improvement in his problem solving skills, computer tools utilization and over all attention in his own school classroom. A sincere thank you to the entire LCB team and to their remarkable approach to helping my son grow his talents.


Was very easy to register and was kept very informed all the way up to the day of the camp. The camp personal were very polite, helpful, and energetic. Real pleasure to deal with


My son normally doesn't like to leave the house & trying new things are a big NO for him. He absolutely LOVED every single day of camp and on the 2nd day started asking me when the next camp was because he "Has to go!" He even asked me to bribe Andrew & Zach to be his instructors again! I can't thank you enough for creating such an awesomely fun LEARNING environment for my son. He will definitely attend again!!


My Son loved this camp. He came home each day excited to tell us about what he learned. He is already asking when he can go to the next camp. I highly recommend this for all children to experience learning in a fun and organized manner.


My daughter looked forward to Minecraft camp all year-long and she never came home disappointed. Thank you for the wonderful experience, it is run very well and we will see you next year!


My son looks forward to the camps. As we walk out the door he's ready to sign up for the next class. He absolutely loves gaming and technology and sees it as his future career. Thank you for providing him hands on learning experiences, and the belief that his future dream can become a reality.


New friendships with other school age kids were made. Teachers were personable and right in there with the kids and doing the outdoor games at break time. Well though out. Thank you!!


I believe we have attended every camp so far and I assure you we will attend just about anything you throw out there. Absolutely love the information, instructors, flexibility, always top notch! Thank you so much! Can't wait for the next one!


My child has learned more each time so it's wonderful how you build off of each series you go to.


Very impressed that Adam recognized our son & addressed him by name from a previous class 4 months earlier. The exposure to other students is great for social skills. Very happy with our experiences . . . Highly recommend!


My son and I are so happy to have been able to participate in this opportunity! He is not a kid that enjoys sports, and now we have something fun and extra-curricular for him to do!


After the last day of this summer camp my son already asked about going to the next available camp. As a parent, you can't ask for anything more!


My daughter came home from camp super excited! She really enjoyed it. And can't wait for the next one!!


My daughter enjoyed the class so much. We plan on attending more classes if offered. Shane and Adam were very good with the kids and they were able to teach at all levels.


The organization of the camp was superior and their technology was excellent: no one had to call tech support.


I would say that it is a great experience. The teachers are amazing! The T-shirt is cool


My child loved it and wants to return as soon as possible.


My son had an awesome time! Made friends and is wanting to attend more classes!