Do you know a group of children who are obsessed with technology and would love building their own video game or creating their own animations? If you do, you can host one of our technology camps right at your location! You bring the kids and we’ll bring the technology...and the fun!

At our technology camps, we gather a bunch of technology-obsessed children and teach them various technology skills in an engaging way.

Perfect for all types of companies, communities, and organizations

  • Libraries
  • Small School Districts
  • Private Schools
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Community Organizations
  • Churches
  • Summer Camp Organizations

We’ve got the technology covered

Game Design

Children get to build their very own 2D video games! From designing characters to programming their actions, students will build a complete original game to show off to all their friends!


Yep, the game you don’t understand, but EVERY kid plays! At our various Minecraft camps, students use the video game to learn how to program their own creatures, servers, weapons and worlds.


Students get to bring their artwork to life! Using software, students learn the principles of 2D animation and learn how to make their drawings move on a screen.

And Many More

Serious learning. Serious benefits.

  • New Skills: Students are challenged to learn new skills while still using technology they are familiar with
  • Flexible Scheduling: We offer multiple camp length options from 1-day, 2-day to week-long
  • Flexible Pricing: Worried about the cost? We have multiple pricing options available to fit your financial situation
  • Technology Included: Partnering with us makes your life a bit easier. For all our technology camps, we will provide 100% of the technology and teachers.

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