Apply for a scholarship today!

Thanks for checking out LCB's tuition assistance program. It's our goal to get as many kids excited about technology as possible regardless of their financial situation. If you're in need of help, we invite you to apply for assistance.

For questions on the program including acceptance, please call 757-374-2223.

We know everyone could use a little help or discount. However, we have set a few restrictions on who can apply for financial assistance. Please use the chart below before deciding to apply for financial assistance. We appreciate your honesty.

Campers awarded tuition assistance will still be asked to provide a portion of the fees for camp. Fees will vary, but on average those who are awarded assistance will still be asked to provide 50% for the camp spot.

Household Size Income Level
1 $36,180
2 $48,720
3 $61,260
4 $73,800
5 $86,340
6 $98,980
7 $111,420
8 $123,960
Apply for Financial Assistance

Please note: That financial assistance will only be accepted if the camp you are applying for is still over 2-weeks out from the time of submission

Notes BEFORE Applying

  • Notification of acceptance will be made 2-weeks prior to the start of camp.
  • To include as many children as possible, tuition assistance will be capped at 50% of the original camp price.
  • Spots are NOT guaranteed and vary based on camp. An application does not guarantee tuition assistance will be granted.
  • Spot preference is given to first applicants.
  • Income assistance may only be used for summer camps within the current season. No carryover is allowed.
  • Not available for camps that have already been purchased for summer 2018